Thursday, 1 December 2016


Nuxe became one of my favourites skincare brands since I lived in Paris a few years ago. French skincare is just so much better, I mean, look at all those flawless looking Parisiennes. Luckily, Viata, an online pharmacy, is also selling French brands, which makes me super happy. My latest addition to my skincare routine is this scented body lotion which I use after my bath or shower. During the winter my body is really dry and needs some extra care and protection. This limited edition lotion by Nuxe is very soft and has a subtle smell which I love. The best part is ; I can give away three of them coming week. So stay tuned over here! Also, when you order something at Viata, you will get free gifts as it is December. So how nice is that? Something for you and maybe something for someone else. There are also a lot of other give aways organised by Viata, so you should really keep and eye out on their Facebook page. Will give you more information about this very soon. For now I just wanted to share this lovely product! 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Holiday season is around the corner and you might need some inspiration for presents. It can be a cheap ass gift for a funny game you and your friends are going to play, or maybe a special gift for your loved ones. I am always full of inspiration when it comes to buying presents but I can imagine you'll get crazy and maybe stressed out because you totally forgot about it. No stress, just follow the links for the best holiday presents! I got my first beautiful present which was actually a belated birthday present. It's this knot bracelet of SophieBySophie. It's a Scandinavian brand full of treasures. You should definitely check out the website to find a gift for your love. Ok now it's up to you! Happy shopping.

1. For more pretty jewelry, hope over to this section ↞
2. A carefully selected gift under €30 for your boyfriend, brother of father, just here  ↞
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4. In need of beauty stuff to gift? Let's pick something up here
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Thursday, 10 November 2016


A few months ago me and my hubby bought a loft. It still feels like a dream and super grown up. We're the first one who really bought an apartment and it was the best choice ever. The best part is that you can change whatever you want, because it's your property. Ok, that's not really true in our case, as we bought a monumental house. So for us no construction on the ceiling. Many people ask us how did we manage it to decorate our house this way? We got a lot of compliments and there are a lot of interior brands who love to collaborate. Feeling so honoured! So how did we started?

1. Make a planning. We used Floorplanner to get everything structured. From the colour on the floor, to the amount of plants we wanted to have. Make sure you have a few serious options to make to choice less hard. We made 2 lofts on Floorplanner and this was already a though decision..

2. Pick one neutral colour. Once you decided how you want your loft to look like ( one big space, or maybe little walls for a littttle bit of privacy ) , choose one colour where you want to work with. This colour is your base. From there, you can pick more colours you want to show in a subtle way.

3. Concrete, wood or what? Now it's time to think about your floor. One step at at time, so if you have a wooden ceiling, don't go for a wooden floor. If you have a concrete wall, like a brick wall, don't go for a concrete floor. So mix and match in this case. We have a brown wooden ceiling, so we kept the concrete floor and just painted it.

4. Go for big. Only buy furniture once you got the key of your new loft. I am serious. Lofts are big and spacious, and believe me, everything turns out so much smaller than you really thought. So give everything a place and go for a big sofa, a big table and a big chair for example. 

5. Create cosy corners. Because everything is big and roomy, make sure you'll create some cute cosy corners with treasures. This is the hardest part, but necessary. A lot of lofts are chilly and not cosy at all. With cosy corners you will create an ambiance. 

All pictures by Roza Schous for Interior Junkie. All pictures and the interview about the loft are now on her website. Read it and let me know what you think about it! 
Lightbox made by my father in law. Want to have one? Send me a message!
This beautiful piece is from Bali and you can buy it here.
Artwork by the amazing Marjolein from Stylenoot. Buy yours here.
 The prettiest pillow I've ever seen. A handira from Maroc, also from Stylenoot.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Zalando - "Dit is mijn inzending voor de Zalando Style Icons // Creative Content Icon"
Hello Girls ! How are you? I just came back from London as you have probably seen on my Instagram page. Fully inspired I've been working on my very first youtube video which was kind of a trial. So, what I've been working on ? A how to video where I show you how to become a style icon. When you just follow this seasons trends and you make it yours, it's not impossible to become a style icon. The only thing which is quite important ; be yourself and try to come a little bit out of your comfort zone. This will be the magic combination, I assure you darling! Take a look at my video and let me know what you think about it. Oh and what's your favourite trend? I picked the oversized trend in this look. I love big knits which keep me warm all day long. Paired it off with the prettiest bag on earth and some leather booties. 2 trends in one.

"Dit is mijn inzending voor de Zalando Style Icons // Creative Content Icon"

Monday, 24 October 2016


When going on a citytrip, you should probably stick to your carry-on luggage, which can be quite challenging. I basically just came back from London, and had to deal with just my carry-on baggage. I did it and everything worked out pretty good. Here's how I did it and what a took with me. You can look gorgeous with just a few things. So read the following carefully !

1. Schedule. Planning is the most important thing is this case. Pick some pieces which work out perfectly together so you can mix-match all your items into a few different stylish looks. 

2. What to pack?  Pick 2 pants, one cool one and one basic on.  Like normal jeans and black skinny jeans. Take two coats, which both look very different also in texture. I went for leather and wool to give 2 total different looks. Shoes ; go for a comfortable pair and a more chic pair of shoes.

3. Accessorize. Take some sunnies to make a statement and take two pretty awesome bags with you to complete your looks. I went for this amazing Chanel bag. Unfortunately this bag is just mine for 2 weeks because I rented it at Designer Rental. You can easily rent your favourite bag to spice up your looks during your citytrip without spending a fortune. The best way, I am serious! Oh and, it's also super cheap. So everyone can afford a Chanel bag from now on ;)

4. Don't forget the dustbags. I save all the dustbags from all my purchases to easily pack and store for my citytrips. Dustbags are not only for designer bags and stuff, but also super handy to put in your jewelry, sunnies, make-up and underwear. Your will definitely save up some space by doing this.

5. Don't forget your universal plug. I am serious. I forget it and couldn't do my hair. I will be all for nothing. A bad hairday can be spared !
Bag by Designer Rental, Coat Zara, Shoes Zara, Pants Isabel Marant, Sunglasses Céline

Thursday, 13 October 2016


We all love to smell great, where ever we go, all day long. But we also know the feeling that it looks like your perfume disappeared after 10 minutes. It's normal that you don't smell your own perfume, but other people will still smell it after some time. But all kind of perfumes will fade after a few hours. Some people will layer their perfume to make sure they smell good all day long. Although, this is not a good idea. Not only for your skin, but also the fragrance will smell stronger when layering your scents. I've found out something new for me, which is the perfect solution for a long day. You will smell great to a job interview, a business lunch and still during the evening when dancing the night away. Here it is :

1. Use a bodymist. Perfume is perfect for short time appointments. Think; a date, an interview or a night out. A bodymist can be used all over the body without being to much. 

2. Nuxe it is. The fragrance water by Nuxe, the French skincare brand, is too good to be true. I love the scent of coconut, vanilla and blossom. Nuxe has it all. It's subtle and strong at the same time.

3. Where? I use this mist for my hair and body. I also take it with me in my bag and I can use this all over again as much as I want. The smell stays subtle and won't fade.

4. How? Just use some in the morning and you're good to go. I even smell it after 4 hours which is quite new for me.

5. The best part. It hasn't been tested on animals AND you can order this in the Netherlands. We all love French skincare since it's the best in the world. Fortunately you can order yours now at Viata with even 15% discount when you use the following code : MARISKA , the discount works also on other purchases when spending at least €25. 

Let me know what you think of the Nuxe Fragrance Water? Would you recommend it your friends?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Having a good night is not the same for everyone. Turning around each second while watching the time at your Iphone sounds probably familiar. It's important to keep a few things in mind when having troubles with sleeping. And, in this case, it's not all about sleeping itself. Read further to find out what to do when you're a troublemaker.

1. Clear your mind. Make sure you finished all your to do list from the day, because your body doesn't want to sleep until everything is done. End all the tasks you'll need to do before the end of the day.

2. Stop drinking coffee like an addict.  I know it's easy to grab a coffee whenever you want, but please stop this. Caffeine is really bad for your sleeping routine, and not only for that. Keep in mind, drinking too much coffee is really bad for you. Try to minimise this. 

3. Try a hot tub. A warm bath before sleeping helps you getting asleep easier than normal. It helps you getting relax which is needed for a good sleep.

4. Evening tea. Try some ginger tea in the evening, it might also help you sleeping better.

5. The surroundings. Go for white walls if you like to sleep in a calm and spa-likely area or black walls for the ultimate winter feeling. Buy yourself the best sheets, nice pillows and a cute pyjama. Believe me, this all helps! P.S. I am having some Crispsheets since 2 weeks, and I sleep better than ever. Order yours here

6. A Mask. You need to get used to this, but it works so good. Use a satin one as this is much better for your face. You won't have any wrinkles when waking up.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


It's already a month ago when me and bae were in NYC. What an amazing city.. When we arrived in the evening we were speechless. We drove from the airport to Williamsburg and had the first glimp of Manhattan in our taxi. Our fairytale started. We felt in love with this city from the very first second and I am sure we will go back again. There is so much to do, to see and to eat. So I will share a lot of NYC content on my blog. Starting today, with an article about brunch time in the city. Here's a list about where to go for the ultimate breakfast, brunch or lunch. Have fun!

The Egg Shop. Everything on the menu contains eggs. My boyfriend is a real egg lover so of course we had to go here. I had a delicious quinoa bowl, with carrots, salad, avocado and poached egg. The shop is super tiny, so make sure you're not too hungry. The waiting line can be long, but worth the waiting.

The Butchers Daughter. With 3 locations in the city, this one is really famous. Although I think this place is way too expensive ( 15 dollar for avocado toast ), it was really good. The juices were tasty too and in super nice bottles. Don't forget to secretly take the bottle home with you, to use it as a vase ;) Oh and the interior is Instagram proof +

Cafe Henrie. When walking in this cute spot, you'll believe you're somewhere on route 92, in one of the highway restaurants. It's very pink and full of artworks and pretty bags of Olympia le Tan which is quite cool I think. The girl makes you real nice breakfast with the most pretty flowers on it. Also in Pink. A very girl friendly restaurant for good coffee too.

Whoops. We didn't want to have avocado toast every morning, so one time we skipped the healthy lifestyle and went to Whoops. This place is so cute. Think :  flowers, french bistro sets and way too good sweets.

The Catch. This was literally the best catch of our citytrip. On the rooftop, there is a fancy hidden restaurant with the best pasta. Ok, this was the most expensive lunch we had, but definitely the best. Make sure you top if off with a glass of wine for the ultimate summer rooftop feeling.

Monday, 26 September 2016


Fall is by far a fashionista's favourite. Think about layering and pretty colour palettes like grey and brown. I am not ready for fall yet as I still enjoy the Indian summer to the max. Though, this new coat is the first step for the new season. I think this is the perfect in between coat which you can perfectly layer when it will be colder outside. I can just pair it off with a turtleneck or a big cosy knit. For now, I just took out a simple basic white tee, and some suede slides for a nice summer evening look. Here is how to get ready for fall in a few steps.

The in between. Pick a coat, which you can wear right now, at cold Indian summer evenings. Make sure you take one size bigger. It's cool to have a little oversized coat around your shoulders. And, you can easily put a jumper under it in a few weeks. Oh and this coat, is from Desigual. The perfect fall coat if you'll ask me!

Add some jumpers and knits. Head over to the city and find yourself some pretty cable knits to put over your summer dresses and skirts. You don't need to put those summer clothes in the back of your closer, simply add a fall proof piece to your look.

Bye colour, hello basics. I would recommend to say goodbye to colours. It's time for pretty coloured palettes. When you do like colour, just add some pastels. I mean, soft pink would look very good with darker tones.

Socks. Just buy yourself some good looking socks with glitter, dots and velvet, so you can still wear your fav shoes during fall.

The bag. Pick yourself a new bag in a pretty fall proof shade. What about mine? This is a reversible one from Desigual. Black from the outside, and burgundy from the inside. How cool?! So I got actually 2 new bags. Perfect to add a little bit of colour to a basic outfit. 

For some more fall inspiration, go and hop over to the following link. Click here.

Friday, 16 September 2016


We're having a super easy breasy indian summer at the moment. I mean, finally! Feels so good to take out some more summer clothes out of my closet in the morning. I recently bought my first pair of culottes and I found out that there are many ways to wear them, also during winter when it will be freezing cold. Here are some of my ideas about how to pair them off.

Ton sur ton. To play in a safe way, you can easily find a basic pair of culottes are style them with a top in the exact same colour. The only thing you got to do it to find an eyecatching shoe or bag.

The bigger the better. The rule is, skinny jeans, a big knit. Or, loose pants, a slim top. But in this case, we don't listen to the rules and just go for big. So just take your favourite big winter knit and your new culottes and you're about to go.

Go chic. When you add a pretty blazer and some patent shoes, you're ready for a casual meeting.

The club. Also for going out, culottes can be really sexy when you wear a nice body. Add some heels and a glitter clutch bag, and you will be the prettiest girl in the club.

Just at home. Trust me, culottes are the perfect home wear outfit. When you need to work from home, or just need to do some things at your place, they're perfect. The fit is most of the time very comfy and loose, so no hurting belly while sitting behind your desk.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


It's an absolute must to take care of your skin during your travel, but especially during your flight. High up in the sky, the humidity of the air is different, which is a crime for your skin. If you do nothing, your skin will look really oily at the end of your flight and your face will be dry at the same time. Also, in an air plane, there are a lot of bacterias, which are not desirable for your skin. So, there are some products you should totally add to your hand luggage on your next travel.

Hydrate. Make sure you drink 1,5 lt of water before boarding. In the air, you lose a lot of water, because of the different conditions. When you drink a lot before your flight, you can easily keep up the good water balance by drinking a few cups during your travel. As all of us know, the flight attendants are not coming every hour to keep you hydrated. So, good preparations are necessary in this case.

Cleaning. Clean your face before travelling, one time during your flight and afterwards. During my last flight, I used Vichy Purété Thermale to clean my skin. I've been using this product for over a month now, and I am more than happy. It's so delicate for my skin and you don't even need to use a day or nightcream after using it. I love it!

Moisture. For my hands, feet and neck, I use this Vichy Ideal body serum which gives your skin the ultimate care. The smell is just to good, which is very nice in a smelly airplane.

All these products are available at Viata, an online pharmacy. The delivery is super quick, so don't worry if you need this one day before travelling. Oh and, they also sell these products in travel sizes! 

Friday, 19 August 2016


Band tee's, graphic tee's, who doesn't love them? I would rather go for a graphic tee, because I am not a big fan of rock music. I recently discovered an amazing brand called Rarely. They sell unique and cool tee's for a good price. I just received some amazing pieces which I will show you in New York City next week. For you, here are some tips on how to wear the tee and what to know.

Know what you wear. only wear a band tee if you actually know the band. So, if you wear this cool Ramones one, than you should  know at least 3 songs.

Keep it simple. You don't want to look like an emo or punker, so keep the rest of your look simple. No spikes allowed.

Pair it with a skirt. In this case, the balance between cool and chic is perfect. It's not to girly and not to funky. Pair it off with your fav sneakers and a pretty designer bag, and you're ready to go.

Be original. We have all seen the Jack Daniels tee's, so please take a look at the back of your boyfriends closet and you may find a gem. It looks even better on your than on him, so he won't be mad for stealing it. 

At last but not least. Layer! Add a silk oversized top and you will look even better. Also think, big coats, jackets, denim and leather. Yassss baby.

Thursday, 11 August 2016


There has been some serious super silence over here, but I wasn't in the mood to be creative neither online. Last weekend, my cat passed away unexpectedly. He was only one year old and started to be sick on Friday. Saturday morning we've found him screaming for help next to our bed. This cutie passed away only two hours later. People with cats do understand me now. It's heartbreaking and it feels like someone broke up with you. He used to be my best friend and never left my side. I've been crying for days and now it finally gets better. Here's how I survived this rollercoaster of emotions.

Cry. It's good to let go of all your emotions every now and then. We women are strong and try to stay strong in every situation. But it's good to let go of that feeling and show your inner feelings. It is a relieve, really.

Memories. Collect memories from, in this case, your cat. I've been printing polaroid pictures from the happiest moments of my sweet little cat and putted them on the toilet wall. It's good to be surrounded by happy memories. Don't only think about the last sad moment, but cherish the other ones too.

Go out. Try to leave your home a few times a day. Go out for a coffee, do some grocery shopping or cycle trough town. It's not the best idea to stay home all day. It will make you 'forget' your sadness for a while.

Talk. Do this. Talk with your love, friends or family about your feelings and struggles. It will help you to feel better. It makes you want to cry all the time in the beginning, but it will help you definitely. It's important to share your feelings. Your BF needs to know what's going on with you and he will understand it takes you a little longer to handle this situation. Share the love!

And don't forget, it's not the end of the world, even though it feels like that.

Friday, 29 July 2016


Now summer did really started it's time to collect some beauty essentials you need to add to your shelf ASAP. Since we don't like to wear to much make-up during summer, it's good to have a small stash which you can use all day during the summer months. No need to have to much stuff.

SPF BB Cream. Make sure you have a BB cream with SPF. I don't like to use suncream protection on my face, because it's very oily and makes my skin impure. When you use a BB cream with SPF, your face will look equal and is protected at the same time.

Bye eyeliner and/or mascara. If you are a big fan of eyeliner, this can be the first step. Let go off eyeliner during summer to give your face a natural look. If you never wear eyeliner, you can skip your mascara. Oh, and if you really can't leave the house without eyeliner, only skip mascara.

Nudes. Swap hysterical lipsticks for more nudey colours. Your whole look will look more natural when you skip your fav Mac red lips for at least your holiday. You can also use only a lipbalm if you're not into lipsticks. 

Stop shaping. Don't put so much time in shaping, contouring etc. Just add a bit of a bronzer and you're good to go. No boy likes to see those layers of liquids on your face. You're pretty the way you are. A bit of bronzer can do miracles. 

Hydratate. Drink enough water! You will see this helps your face looks so much better. You can also use a facial mist spray if you like to cool down at the pool.